Covid 19 period

I was going to visit my family in Turkey in January 2020, in those days, there was talk of a new virus in China, and the images of the Chinese families who escaped from it were still being shared at the airports in European cities. I came to Turkey on the 14th of January, then Covid 19 spread rapidly. Quarantine, masks, the spread of the virus and precautions were mentioned in all cities. After a while, covid deaths started to increase rapidly, which caused us to change our lives significantly. It was a really tough day, as activities and open public spaces started to close, flights were already being canceled. I had to stay in Turkey, there was no other alternative. During this time, I started working in a corner in my family’s house. The argument was obligatory, with words such as virus, germ, vaccine, spread, and the known virus at the center of the agenda.
In those days, I completed the wire sculpture named ‘Anatomy of a test animal’.