Family portrait

Exhibition 18 October-12 November 2018 was opened at
Gallery Selvin Istanbul .

For the past eight years, it has been an important part of my work in animal representation. At first I felt a general sense of admiration and I was watching them almost as a representation of freedom. Over time, my awareness has increased and I felt the need to represent these living forms. Somehow, my works are not limited to the reproduction of animal forms, but to be an expression of my way of understanding nature and its relationship with it. I understand I’m a part of the system, not from above. Our planet lives on the balance that mankind usually challenges, so it is important for me to emphasize the need to establish relationships with the world and its creatures. Respecting other forms of life is a form of respect and respect for myself. So I draw attention to the animals and represent them as centralists. I represent the dead animals, the victims of the human condition (bull), representing free and unlimited migratory birds, representing the family I share this planet with.

13x12x6 cm, Wire
27x15x20 cm , wire
35x10x33 cm, Steel & copper
51x14x46 cm , steel , natural stone
16x10x7 cm Galvanize wire
40x8x35 cm, Wire & plate

27x15x20 cm , Steel
19x9x15cm, Galvanize wire
37x16x30, 52x11x32 cm, Wire