Montebello city hive 2022

The protagonists of the project are bees both to promote the environmental culture of which they are indicators and to emphasize and enhance the role of Montebello as a city of honey, the honey museum, the naturalistic oasis and the events present.

My idea is that the entire village of Montebello becomes the honeycomb, the home of bees.

The pandemic was the latest tragic alarm given by a nature in suffering. The mortality of bees is alarming due to the fundamental ecological function of these pollinating insects for the entire ecosystem. Their small size risks misleading us with respect to their great role and for this reason I have developed the idea of ​​representing this insect on a human scale (length over 1.8 m). I did it using my three-dimensional weaving technique of natural and oxidized brass wires.

The positioning of the sculpture was designed to visually connect the door of the historic village to the museum, arousing, I hope, surprise and a new point of view.