Public art works

‘Persistenza’  ,220x180x60 cm, iron wire , made for the commune of bienno.

I participated in Bienno residence program, I realized an experimental transparent sculpture within 3 months, I welded 27 kg wire of the same thickness (1,2mm) without welding using a transparent mesh. I discovered  this knitting technique by experimenting on my own, I have been using it for the last 10 years and trying to improve it.

‘Persistenza’ refers to the fascinating nature of the valley of Camonica. It will be exhibited in the garden of the Fucina museum in Bienno.

3 November 2018, we realised first part of installation for Victims of second world war . Sponsored ANPİ association and Poggio Torriana municipality. Project Giusi Dellvechio, realised Mascia Mantani, Ufuk Boy.

The sculpture was made in 2017 to commemorate Sadun Boro. Sadun Boro and his wife Odo Boro in 1965 with a boat named Kismet first world tour that
is known as. He is a sailor who is able to create environmental awareness with the books he shares his journey impressions. The sculpture was constructed with a height of 6 meters and a length of 6.5 meters of iron. It was fixed on the rocks in Kisebuku-Adaliyali. The technical dimension of the sculpture was studied with Arc.Mascia Mantani.